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Joined March 2023
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Time is running out…
I am Elonator. The Elon Musk iteration of the Terminator. $ETOR is on sale for a limited time only. Fill your bag up before Zuckerberg gets #Elonated! Presale stages last 1 week only. #IAmElonator
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Important Stuff
Meet $ETOR, your new favourite token packed with utility! 🚀 Stake it, play the crypto-lottery or compete in our NFT competitions. Harness the power of the blockchain for a universe of rewards! 🌟 #ElonatorToken #Staking #CryptoLottery #NFTCompetition

Stake Your $ETOR

We have developed a smart contract functionality that will enable Elonator token holders to stake their tokens, thereby earning a substantial passive income on a consistent basis.

The Elonator Lottery

We will host a regular lottery where users can pool their $ETOR tokens and win prizes! The lucky winner will win up to 75% of the prize pot!

NFT Competitions

We will organise random competitions where you can mint an NFT and be in with the chance of winning more prizes!
  • Stage 1 : The user will mint the NFT (costing $200 to mint)
  • Stage 2: The system will randomly pick a particular NFT
  • Stage 3: Randomly selected NFT will be bought back from the owner for 10 ETH
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More Important Stuff
📣 Introducing Elonator Tokenomics! 🚀
💰 Token Presale: Early investor opportunity.
👥 Staking Program: Stake your $ETOR to earn even more.
🎁 Community Incentives: Special perks for our community.
🔒 Dex Reservation: Liquidity set aside for decentralized exchange.
🔒 Cex Reservation: Liquidity reserved for centralized exchange.
📈 Marketing: Locked for 1 year to fuel strategic growth.
👥 Team: Locked for 1 year, supporting project success.
🌟 With a fair allocation strategy, Elonator ensures a balanced distribution among presale, community incentives, reserves, and team support. Get ready to unleash the power of #ElonatorToken and revolutionize the crypto space! 🚀💎 #Tokenomics #Crypto #Innovation
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Even more Important Stuff

Total Supply

10,000,000,000 $ELONATOR

💰 Token Presale


🎁 Community Incentives


🔒 Dex Reservation


🔒 Cex Reservation

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⭐ Launch Elonator Website

⭐ Release Elonator Whitepaper

⭐ Elonator Presale

⭐ Smart Contract Development

⭐ Smart Contract Audit


⭐ Elonator Marketing Go Live

⭐ Social Media Profiles

⭐ CoinMarketCap Listing

⭐ Coingecko Listing


⭐ Develop a Marketing Plan

⭐ Expand Social Media Following

⭐ Launch Elonator Tracker

⭐ Press Release: Cointelegraph


⭐ CEX Token Listing

⭐ Launch Elonator Swap

⭐ Onboard NFT Artists and Couturiers

⭐ Launch Elonator Store

⭐ Revamping Website


⭐ Launch Elonator Fund

⭐ Launch Elonator Academy

⭐ Elonator DAO Go Live

⭐ Bridge to a New Chain


⭐ Launch Elonator Charting Tool

⭐ Run Charity Drives

⭐ Design Blueprint for Future Products

⭐ Onboard Industry Experts & Advisors

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I have the answers…
Elonator Token is a meme token inspired by the fusion of Elon Musk and Terminator, creating a highly promising digital asset that has garnered significant attention from the community.
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